I think my friend Odious might be a prophet.

Since the 2020 winter solstice (aka the darkest night of the darkest year) Odious has been receiving a steady stream of subliminal information in dreams and waking life visions and experiencing synchronicities on a daily basis. And they believe it’s not just them--peeps all around the world are having a similar experience, perhaps with different books and different looks to fit their specific cultural calibration, but under the surface it’s the same cosmic mechanism at work, the same one that the author Philip K. Dick tapped into and expressed through his writing all those years ago. This wasn’t something he made up—it existed before him, and we have every reason to believe, after his passing.

While drinking chaga chai's and listening to chakra opening electronic music in their Bushwick railroad apartment, Odious and I have asked ourselves, what is it, exactly, that's going on here? Have we switched to an alternative timeline in which PKD is still alive and talking to people in their dreams? Or are these messages from ET’s? Perhaps an advanced form of AI technology? Maybe its our future selves visiting from the future and communicating through dreams and channeled messages to warn us or help us in some way? Did the usual veil of static that hides the true nature of reality suddenly become thin during the winter solstice, allowing those of us with minds that were open to connect with a glimmer of truth? Is Odious a singular example of a next level human, infected with wisdom, a PKD created prototype sent back from his future self to deliver a message from a more highly evolved reality?

Or was this year of quarantine and constant simmering anxiety finally enough to disintegrate their already wounded psyche? Did they have it twisted—and what they thought was a healing dream was really a ramping up of chronic mental disease? If that’s the case with them, does the fact that I’m also in this spiral of dreams and syncs mean that I’m following close behind? It’s an argument that makes total sense on several levels, except for the fact neither one of us is irrational—a hallmark of insanity the world over. We are both, in fact, more organized and hard-working than we have been in over a year, spending nearly every day from late morning into the night focused on this project. Perhaps it’s the case, as one concerned pseudo friend insinuated over an emoji littered text, that this dream project fulfills a desperate pandemic need to be busy felt by those of us who are privileged enough to stay home. I hear that, I’ll submit it as being a totally valid possibility of what’s happening here. Some people baked mounds of bread or binge watched 2nd and 3rd rate Netflix series or built intricate model houses, complete with a boiler room and a tiny version of the iconic Farrah Fawcett poster from the 70’s. Others wrote books, or learned a language, or invented brand new ways to keep their kids busy…others held their significant other together, or played chess online, their phone and computer turning into life lines. They hiked up and down the same hills and realized it was different every time…

There were all of these things and others too (day drinking as a way of being, hello) but in the case of Odious and I (and maybe you?), it seems the sudden silencing of the everyday blah blah blah may have allowed us to hear the stars and planets calling to us. They'd been trying to make us listen since beginning-less time. And that we finally heard them, pandemic or no pandemic, is only because the eternal, infinitely expansive parts of our minds decided it should be the case.

As a writer and a skeptic I’m aware that the above sentences sound pretty out there, and while I feel my job is to lay all this out to you in a neutral way, I’d be remiss not to point out that I wouldn’t be posting this at all if I didn’t ultimately believe that Odious was at least partially correct, and that there’s something important from the experiences revolving around their dreams and visions that is meant to be shared.

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“Come with me if you want to live.”