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Nada & the New Style

Chapter 3: No news, no obligations, no parties to try and pull myself together for. Just the two of us, me helping her create a revolution with art, like lassoing a satellite spun out of orbit, and beaming its frequency into the darkness.
Nada & the New Style

(South 4th Street)

by Odious Awry

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This is Chapter 3 of King of Spain, the serialized text art that is being channeled to me by a future version of myself called HeirMax98. It's a story about four strangers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who discover that they are trapped in some sort of simulation haunted by a strange entity they call, "The Curator".

In Chapter 3 we meet Nada Mass, a former Negative PR Specialist who is attempting to turn her younger girlfriend into the next big art world sensation.

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