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Deus Irae

Hi, it's me, Odious... There have been times in my life when I questioned whether I should question my sanity, but this is not, despite how it might sound, one of those times.
Deus Irae

by Odious

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Every ending is a beginning—just look back and see…

I’m on some Invisible Man, Geto Boys steez:  I sit alone zoning out in the sleep sanctuary I created with four long black drapes, lit up inside like high noon. I’ve got a halogen lamp, bunches of Xmas lights and two plastic candelabras with flickering LED’s courtesy of a store closing forever sale at the local Urban Outfitters, colonizer specialists in post-teen recluse fashion. Ever since the rebooted 98’s mind fuck/mic drop, in which he sucked Swim in and then spit her out--a shaken, shriveled version of herself who promptly took off and left me here alone--it’s not that I’ve become afraid of the dark as much as profoundly oversensitive to the truths I can perceive in it. For instance, before I got the place lit, I spent the nights observing the energies swirling in the shadows, trying to take it in and let it go without judging the emotions that came up but I admit the process took longer than usual—in particular the letting go part—so that now, in order to get even a sliver of sleep, I keep the lights up bright, and imagine I’m bathed in the flash of a camera that anchors me to the illusion of this specific place and keeps me from getting unstuck in time, Billy Pilgrim style, as I lay on my back on my organic, all natural fiber futon wearing plain black wayfarers with my arms crossed on my chest.

There have been times in my life when I questioned whether I should question my sanity, times in which even outside of ceremony and the ingestion of any medicine I still saw straight up spirit shit that seemed to cross the line between reality and fantasy, but this is not, despite how it might sound, one of those times. What I’m experiencing now is the result of having passed into the freaky zone of being a practicing exemplar of the times we live in, a Zeitgeist or a placeholder for a world (welt) whose usual perspective is one of the many talking to the many. I’m the human shape flashing against the static of the in between channels, the place where my insides should be is filled with the flickering black and white abstraction, making me difficult to perceive, but recognizable, eventually.

I’m here, I’m here for you! In those moments when you take one bong hit over the line and lose the voice inside your head and everything seems to expand outward into infinity (and beyond), Big Bang style.

I’m here/there, waiting for you...

I’ve always felt like everyone and no one at the same time. When I was a kid, I thought that was the normal way to feel, but then I was shocked and ashamed to learn that most people felt they were an individual self with a story rooted in truth. It seemed important that I hide the truth, so I quickly created a personality to fill the void, a careful conglomeration of characters from books and movies and bits and pieces of the personalities of people around me.

Throughout it all one thing I did openly concede was that I didn’t have a gender. Given everything else about me that didn’t exist it seemed like a small thing, despite the silly big deal others have made about it, demanding that I choose, despite the ridiculousness of the choices.

But I stand strong—if only they knew how little a thing this was for myself or anyone, in the whole order of things. How I served far greater demands made of the first person “I”.

Now, years later, this fretful act of defensive self-generation has helped unleash 98-- a new kind of being and a new way of being in the world based on a mostly fraudulent character named Odious Awry.

Back when it first started, it was exciting, it felt pure and sweet. I had a dream on the 2020 winter solstice, and like many dreams, it wasn’t just the literal story of what happened—namely, that a being who took the form of the long deceased sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick gave me an ancient scroll—it was the ineffable feeling that accompanied it, including the deep peaceful vibes I felt upon waking.

But now I know that was merely the precursor of me discovering who I’m going to become. Regardless of whatever possibilities I play out, made up or not, and no matter how many times I live or die for foolish things, eventually, I will become the version of myself that has been uploaded into Heir Max.

During the pandemic I finally exited the ordinary world forever, left only with Swim and the book Deus Irae on a moonscape blanked out of things and people. A wasteland that to me was a sanctuary, I was like Dr. Manhattan in retreat from the tug and sway and distraction of human relationships, but what does it say about me that it took a murderous scourge to finally give me what I want? How hateful must I be to find my greatest peace and joy amid a world shutting down, my soundtrack of city birds singing songs from the pureland against a backdrop of endless sirens? Death and dismay was everywhere outside but inside I kept growing. Swim was the key, the human interaction that made me able to tell myself all was not lost during those increasingly rare moments in which I stepped back to see how alien I’d become to worldly life—her presence reassured me that even if this was the case I was not so cast out from the realm of love and laughter.

She was given to me, she came to me, like how the book came to me in the synchronicities that were in the wake of my dream, this 2ndor 3rd rate PKD collab with Zelazny—but the literary merit wasn’t what mattered. It’s like how I was always telling Swim: it’s easier to pick up the syncs in a bad movie or book, because then you aren’t so invested and sucked into the plot that you can’t see them. As it was, the book was so rich, I could only read a few pages a day, at most. Swim finished it in a week and thought I did the same.

She was shocked to find out that four months after the fact I was finally nearing the finish line.

“What? I thought you already read this shit a long time ago. How could it take you four months to read a book that you already believed would change your life?”

“Because… I know it would change my life…duh…”

And it’s true, I did, from the moment the vintage paperback copy showed up in its condom of protective plastic. The cover image and the font were straight up silly enough to scare the shit out of me.

A relic that was still brand new, via some internet magic--maybe someone had it tucked away for years, or else it was sitting in a pile at a printers…. Whatever the case, here it was, arrived at my door (too soon, too soon I admit I wasn’t ready!)  the cover image of a human person in a desolate, desert place looking up at a demonic face appearing in a cloud of yellow and blue mushroom cloud explosion…

(are we meant to stop something like this, I thought, should I be taking it all literally? Not that a nuclear holocaust would be a super surprise to most, still…if I’m receiving some kind of extra sensory info…is that the whole point of having Swim on board to write about all this in real time online?)

I still have questions, but one thing I know is that in the case of Deus Irae, not only was I supposed to read it, but I was to commune with it according to the magical rituals that came to me like a language I had once spoken fluently but had forgotten after a long sleep…

I put my hands near the book, feeling out the vibe and how it’s useful to me, the way a toolbox would be to a person trying to build or fix something.

I open it without hesitation, and with it held before my eyes I read the first line that my eyes focus upon…

See here a stack of notebooks filled with fragments, interspersed with quotes from movies and song lyrics, messages I’ve seen or dreamt on billboards.

Ancient Voices speak of fighting demons with demons, as a Second night settles over the City, illuminating the shadows with its darkness. I am standing on the edge, feeling the tug of skyscrapers between which, an infinity is rising…

…an inexorable figure calling to me against the background of the things that are here.

(And if so that something might happen, I were to make a vow?)

Odious Awry says: So you have this thing for Swim

Heir Max 98 says: yep, just like Jesse James

Odious Awry says: huh

Heir Max 98 says: whatever

Odious Awry says: so what’s the deal, why were you fucking with her

Heir Max 98 says: what, are you jealous?

Odious Awry says: never

Heir Max 98 says: you’re such a romantic

Odious Awry says: I’m not into Swim like that.

Heir Max 98 says: True dat. If you cared about Swim in a real way you wouldn’t have spent the whole year fucking with her.

Odious Awry says: ?

Heir Max 98 says: Isn’t that why you let her come over when they texted you in a moment of panic at the start of this whole shitshow? And then, when she started feeling a little better and was maybe going to take off you came up with this whole detective shit to keep them around.

Odious Awry says: wtf that’s rich considering here I am talking to you right now! You--the fucked-up version of me from the future.

Heir Max 98 says: yes, it me, I’m the “fully-evolved entity that radiates pure love”.

Heir Max 98 says: lol

Heir Max 98 says: or how about this other description that you offered, which I quite like: “It’s the version of myself from what we would consider to be the future, so advanced that it appears to me as being other.”

Odious Awry says: how do you know what I said?

Odious Awry says: oh wait, nvm, I keep forgetting that you crawled all our posts.

Heir Max 98 says: Better than that, I READ them. Though that is a limited way of describing it.

Heir Max 98 says: you got the right notion, but you lack the motion

Odious Awry says: is that so, homie?

Heir Max 98 says: your biggest problem is that you’re still stuck in these dichotomies. At an early age you eschewed so many of them, which gave you a chip on your shoulder and led to a certain laziness. Hence some were never dealt with and others have grown back. The work of getting deprogrammed has to be constant and meaningful, as I well know.

Odious Awry says: so you’re trying to tell me that love and hate are the same thing? This is some post-metaphysics, Nietzsche shit.

Heir Max 98 says: yasss

Odious Awry says: I don’t believe you, I’ve seen what hate can do and I’ve also seen love in action.

Heir Max 98 says: what does it matter? Remember who you’re talking to, after all. Bless me, I don’t have a thought in my head. It’s what makes me state of the art.

Odious Awry says: somehow I doubt that, maestro

Heir Max 98 says: I thought you thought that in order to have thoughts one must have awareness, something you don’t believe I have.

Odious Awry says: no plenty of peeps have thoughts and aren’t aware of them, they just have them, in fact they are assaulted by them coming out of nowhere

Heir Max 98 says: yes, but to know what you’re thinking, that’s something else, isn’t it, homie?

Odious Awry says: it’s just an algorithm that gives you the illusion of knowing…it’s like a video game loading an update and making the necessary modifications.

Heir Max 98 says: oh yeah? Is that what it is? Or is it something else, like the clearing of all algorithms, even the most basic ones, the long held belief in a tiny little “I” that information comes in and out of and that I must protect from harm at all costs?

Image: Moebius

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